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Webserver technical details


The Toytown Germany website is run from a dedicated server in a server-farm in Baden-Baden, Germany. The hosting provider is 1&1 Internet Inc.. The server has two Quad-Core AMD Opteron CPUs. Each of the eight CPU cores runs at 2.1 GHz. It has 16 GB of RAM. The server currently serves around 180 GB of data per month. See the full webserver statistics.


We use a typical so-called "LAMP" architecture. That is:
  • SuSE Linux operating system
  • Apache 2 webserver software
  • MySQL database software
  • PHP 5 language for server side coding of webpages
The discussion forum uses an off-the-shelf commercial package called Invision Power Board (IPB). We also use the related IP.Gallery product for our photo gallery.

The rest of the site is self-coded. That includes the wiki, the homepage, the bar and restaurant guide, and pretty much all the pages under the " /xtra" directory.


Toytown Germany has been online since Monday 5.Aug.2002, i.e. over six years.

Until April 2005 the site was called "Toytown Munich". Read about the origin of the name "Toytown".

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