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Waxing. As in Brazilian Beach Wax. As in removing bodily hair. Hair removal, all that good stuff. Waxing is apparently less painful than epilating, which is the machine with the rotating disks that pulls out hairs at the root.

TT advertised salons

The Salon is a beauty salon run by Jeanette Boszczyk-Lesar - one of Munich's beauty icons. She is located at Stuckstrasse 8 in Munich-Bogenhausen.

Feelgood Salon is located at Zentnerstrasse 17 in Munich-Schwabing. The beautician, Krista, speaks very good English. She does facials, pedicure, manicure and waxing, in a very nice and quiet setting.

Other salons

Aloha Kosmetik has been recommended, but there are no English speakers there. And don't even try to visit the website with anything other than Internet Explorer.

Angelica's Beauty Center in the Nymphenburgerstr. (close to Maillingerstr. U-Bahn U1/7) is a beauty and hair salon run by ladies from Brazil. If you've ever wondered where the afro-haired get their hair done in Munich, well this is one of the places. Offering hair extensions, thermal straightening, streads etc they also have a small beauty section (which isn't terribly plush but is clean). Anyway it is staffed by Brazilians so the service is in broken German, some English, Spanish and Portuguese. Waxing costs... 45€. For whole leg plus free bikini wax. Yes you read that right.

Virtually pain-free, although the appointment started 20mins late, the lot was over in a record 40mins and no stubble left. So if anyone wants a Brazilian done by a Brazilian, this would be the place to choose (but be prepared to feel very unglamourous in comparision with the ladies that work there as they have those lovely Brazilian looks so was like being a sparrow surrounded by birds of paradise). Current as of 24 May 2004.

Beauty School: often booked out months in advance. The best bet is apparently to just keep on calling back, hoping that something might free up.

Beautyspy used to have a branch at the Fünf Höfe, which closed. They're redesigning their website, so maybe they'll have a Munich branch again soon. (Current: 22.Jan.2005)

Fanny at Hohenzollernplatz, Tel. 089 3087853. Close to the U2 U-Bahn station Hohenzollernplatz. Very good, and also does blokes.

Kosmetik Norkauer in the Elisenhof (opp. Hauptbahnhof), tel. 593182. They charge 27€ for a full leg (both legs). Their facials are very good and very very cheap, rubbish opening times though.

If you want a bikini wax there aren't that many places that do anything other than the very basic (i.e. knickers on) ones though, Cosmo Beauty does: Agnesstr. 16, 80798 München Tel: 2730015.

Hautnah behind Ludwig Beck. I found them to be very friendly, and most of them speak English.

Senzera are probably one of the cheapest waxers in Munich, very fast, probably not the place for those who have never previously waxed, but open until 8pm 6 days a week and CHEAP (especially with their abo service).

Online resources

beauty-a-la-carte.de Great german onlineshop, specialist for european trend-cosmetics like Caudalie Vinotherapy, Vinoderm of Switzerland, fermes de Marie Spa, Talika Eyecare, Rubis Tweezers, Lip Lingerie by Diane Brill, Sanoflore french bio cosmetics. Friendly customer service, quick shipping, low shipping-rates!

Tips on Waxing (not just DIY)

Get the first one done professionally so that you can watch the technique because it is quite straightfoward to DIY once you get the hang of it.Hot wax is better than cold but hot is fiddly (and you need to be careful with it - the Carmen electric cartridge system is the best home wax system in my opinion).Don't moisturise your legs too much beforehand, wait 2hrs after bath/shower, very light dusting of talc/baby powder if you are DIYing, none if not as the therapist will do this if needs be.If you are very pain-sensitive take a painkiller 1hr beforehand.Try to avoid wearing tights, tight socks or tight trousers on the day, they will irritate your skin/mood afterwards.If your feet tend to smell, take a wet wipe and give your feet a quick wipe before the therapist starts (although they have seen/smelt everything before...I'm just being polite).If you find bits of wax stuck to you you can remove them with oil (baby oil wil do).Aloe vera gel can help calm the skin but you might not need any, avoid perfume on the area for 24hrs.Oh and use one of those shower flower scrub mitts to prevent ingrowing hairs.

also legs are nowhere near as painful as bikini area (eyes watering just thinking about it), so you should be in good shape as far as pain tolerance goes...

Wax kits can be had for about 7 Euros at your local Drogerie.

An experience report

FYI, i had my legs waxed a few weeks ago and they are still smooth as silk! aaahhh. but.....

i was told, after the fact of course, that because my leg hair was too long (10-12 mm) that the removal distance was too long, that is why it hurt like hell! at first she said, oh good enough hair, then rolled on the hot wax and then ripped away. i honestly screamed out in english "fuck, that hurts like hell" which meant i was no longer aware of my german surroundings. she kept on rolling and ripping, rolling and ripping. she never took a break to let me relax one bit.

well i honestly thought i was going to wet my pants. it hurt so f**king much! i said to myself i will never, ever do that again, but my legs are so smooth now, i am torn. she said to me, next time, no longer than 5 mm! righto. and there are women who do brazilian bikini wax? oh my goodness!

Laser treatment is also available in Munich

My dermatologist, Dr Sabine Anders-Ankerhold, Renatastr. 40, 80634 MünchenTel. 089/161805, does laser hair removal and did mine.She speaks English apparently (but we spoke German), is US-trained (her accreditations are on the wall for all to see) and is a marvel with a laser (she also has a full dermatology and sexually-transitted diseases practice with a specialisation in acne). She also does cosmetic work such as Botox and Restylane, and has experience in the use of Botox for facial ticks.I personally cannot understand why someone would not go to a doctor for laser treatment, the things are bloody dangerous in an untrained hand.Small areas cost between 50-75€ a go, a large area such as a lower leg would range from 170-250€ per treatment. 4-5 (if not more) treatments are required and some laser treatment is covered by health insurance. If you are pale with dark unwanted hair you are a good candidate, it doesn't work so well on other skin/hair types.Now is a bad time to get lasered as you need to stay out of the sun, wear sun block, no plucking, no waxing and shaving only for 6 weeks before and during the full length of the treatment (sessions are about 4-6 weeks apart).It only stung a tiny, tiny bit with little redness and I think that it is worth it if, and only if, you have the money/patience/willpower to see it through.

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