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WLAN hotspots

It's still early days for WLAN in Munich. It's not like every bar and café has the facility, not by a long shot. Nonetheless, new hotspots are continuing to pop up regularly. A few have big HOTSPOT signs outside. Most, however, don't advertise themselves quite so obviously.

Free HotSpots in Munich

Internet access should be like fresh air, i.e. free for all.

HotSpots with surcharge

Surcharge? Screw that!

  • Cafe Puck - Türkenstr. 33, Schwabing (used to be free, isn't any more)
  • CAST - Leopoldstr. 28, Schwabing (AOL subscription service, or €2 per hour, not sure)
  • Café am Nordbad - Schleissheimerstr., Schwabing (is often broken, or is only for AOL subscribers)
  • San Francisco Coffee Company- 11 branches in Munich, a day pass for is €3 euros and works very well. You gotta get the password from the staff.
  • Coffee Fellows - Several branches in Munich (As of 2006, Leopoldstr. doesn't charge any more. Not sure about other locations)
  • Hauptbahnhof 1st class waiting room - "rail&mail", €5.50 per hour
  • Meyerbeer Coffee, Rindermarkt 15
  • Seehaus Beergarden - English Gardens, €3 per hour, ask the cashier for an 'E-Karte'
  • Chinese Tower Beergarden - as Seehaus above.
  • Luigi Tambosi - Odeonsplatz, via hot-spot-zone.de

T-online/t-mobile/T-com also have hotspots all over the place, thought their legendarily awful website does its best to hide this information from you. At time of writing, jan 2007, a search for the word "hotspot" on t-online.de bought back a set of results, the vast majority of which simply led to 404 pagenotfound errors. Shockingly poor.Anyway, this address is from map24 rather than t-online, so perhaps it will remain vaild a little longer...

Hotspots from T-com

You put in an address, and get a list of t-online hotpots nearby. There are loads and loads in Munich, McDonalds and Starbucks all use t-online acces points. There are a number of charging options, and they probably change every 5 minutes just like the website, so I wont list them here. If you are already a t-online customer, you can probably use the hotspots with your t-online username, but seeing as that is normally a 70 character sequence suffixed by "@t-online.de" you've probably forgotten it.

HotSpots with unknown deals

  • Times Square, Hauptbahnhof
  • Annabar, Schützenstr. 1, City Center
  • Café an der Uni (CADU) - Universitaet, Ludwigstraße, Schwabing

Beer gardens

AOL provided HotSpots

To AOL subscribers only...

  • Cafe Voilá - Wörthstr. 5
  • Café Lido, Maxburgstr. 4
  • Huiras, Camerloherstr. 67
  • Parkcafé, Sophienstr. 7
  • Villanis, Kreuzstr. 3b
  • Wiener's, Ottostr. 5
  • Wiener's im Beck, Marienplatz

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