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The Viktualienmarkt is the old market in the center of Munich. Here you can by the freshest fruit and vegetables in the whole city. The market has a reputation of having higher prices than your average supermarket but in actual fact many goods here are cheaper than elsewhere. Wandering round the market is a delight as you are greeted with smell of spices, cheeses, and fresh veg.

The Viktualienmarkt is located in the very center of Munich. Just three minutes walk from Marienplatz - behind the old townhall.

The above photograph is reproduced with permission from: Picture Newsletter. Check that website for more photos of Munich's Viktualienmarkt.

The Viktualienmarkt also has a great beer garden. See: Viktualienmarkt Beer Garden

BadDoggie says:

There is almost nothing cheaper at the Vikkie-Markt unless

you normally shop in the Hertie/Karstadt gourmet sections, OR

you're a long-time regular customer at a particular stand.That said, the quality and selection are usually better than the usual city supermarkets, and you can find a lot of specialty items from multiple potato varieties to horse meat to organic food grown by a co-op.

Orignially a farmer's market, few items are actually grown/raised/made by the sellers there, but there are exceptions. Look for hand-drawn signs which have the word "eigene" but realise that this usually refers to a particular item and not the entire selection of goods at the stand.

It's definitely a place to go but be prepared for some sticker shock.

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