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Victims of moderation

Some chat forum members, on having their posts removed or edited, ask the question,

"Why was my post singled out? I have seen postings by other members that broke the forum guidelines. Why were they not removed as well?"

The simple answer is that the moderation team cannot possibly read and moderate every single post made to the forum. On an average weekday there are between 1,100 and 1,500 posts made to the forum. It is simply impossible for every post to be checked. Thus only a random sampling of posts are read and, if necessary, they are moderated.

If an offensive post slips through the net and goes unmoderated, that doesn't mean that this post was acceptable. Had the post been noticed by a moderator then it would probably have been dealt with. If you feel that a post is unacceptable but has been missed, feel free to the report function in order to bring it to the attention of the moderation team.

Remember also that the posts are not checked immediately. It may be that you have noticed an offensive post just as it was made. The moderation team, however, may not get to the post until an hour or so later - thus you get the impression that posts are escaping moderation, when in actual fact they are not.

The moderation team aims to work fairly for all members. No particular member is ever unfairly singled out. Of course, persistent offending members, once brought to the attention of the moderation team, may find themselves being moderated more regularly until they learn to better abide by the forum usage guidelines.

If you find a post of yours has been removed, check the removed posts page to see the reason for removal.

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