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Unexploded WWII bombs

Munich UXB
On 16.Mar.2004 two unexploded WWII bombs, also known as UXBs, were discovered underneath the building site of Munich's new football stadium, the Allianz Arena. 25 Kg of TNT each. They had to be detonated in a controlled explosion.

Another WWII bomb was uncovered in Munich on 22.Mar.2005. It was in the Paul-Heyse-Strasse near the Hauptbahnhof. An M103 flying bomb. Still live. Neighbouring streets had to be closed while the bomb was defused.

On 6.Feb.2006 the S-Bahn line between Munich Hauptbahnhof and Pasing had to be closed for half an hour while an American "5-Zentner-Fliegerbombe" flying-bomb was made safe. See the photo above right and the related TT chat topic: S-Bahn delay due to Allied munitions defusing.

A total of 440,000 bombs were dropped on Berlin between 1942 and 1945. On average 5% of them failed to explode. That means that 22,000 duds were left buried beneath the rubble. They're still being uncovered on an almost weekly basis.

The number of bombs dropped on Munich during WWII is... ?

The number of possible undiscovered UXB's in Munich is... ?

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The photo above is of an unexploded WW2 bomb found in Hagen, near Düsseldorf. The photo was taken by TT member bbulldog on 8.Sep.2004.

Every now and then they still dredge UXBs out of the Thames. Scary to think that in pretty much every part of Europe where they bombed you can still become a casualty of WWII.

Don't forget countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos that had more bombs dropped on them during the Vietnam war than Germany ever did, and they have only had 30 years to clear them.

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