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Touch Rugby

TOUCH in Germany

Touch (known as Touch Football in Australia and Touch Rugby in Britain) isn't soccer. Well duh you might say. Obviously the ball is a little different, the game and rules are a little different and the history of the two sports is also a little different.

Well duh again you might just say.

My point behind this is that Germany is being struck by Football World Cup fever. Around the World, (especially in Germany, the venue of the 2006 Football World Cup), momentum is already building for the World's greatest Soccer event. Somewhere in the mayhem being created in Germany, is Robbie Macgregor and his ever-growing troop of Touch Football players. Macgregor, an Australian ex-pax, along with Matthew Innes, a Kiwi ex-pat, have helped Touch Football kick off in Germany. Macgregor brought the sport to Berlin and Innes brought it to Munich in 2002. They started by simply meeting in a public park on Sundays where they played social Touch.

Both groups consisted of a mix of local Germans and also ex-pats from countries such as Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, Poland, USA, France and Finland.

While exact numbers are not yet known, Touch Deutschland will be able to officially register players and create a membership database when they become officially registered, hopefully early this year. Most Touch in Germany is relying on the support of Rugby clubs and players. In Berlin the Touch players have officially formed as a Touch club, although they are within a larger sporting club called BSV 92, which is a subsection of the Rugby club there.

Touch in Munich

TOUCH is Munich's newest addition to the rugby community. Touch is a low-contact game suitable for all age groups and both sexes. Touch München currently play in the English Gardens on the grassy area between the Kleinhesseloher See and the Chinese Tower

Map courtesy of the splendid benpanter of Ultimate Frisbee and of course http://www.hot-maps.de

TOUCH Munich has so far played in two „trial-run“ touch competitions in Fürstenfeldbruck and Berlin, winning both. A Toytown Touch team also reached the final of the small Fürstenfeldbruck competition. Munich players have also represented Germany in the European Championships and in test matches against France in Grenoble and Berlin.

TOUCH Munich is also planning a Munich League and cup this coming summer, open to anyone who feels like having fun. Teams comprise of 10 players, you can register your own team by sending a mail to mailto:info@touchmuenchen.de

Getting access to fields is a major problem for Touch in Germany. It is one reason TOUCH München is looking to follow Berlin’s example and join an existing sports club rather that register ourselves as a new club, in which case we would go onto a waiting list for access to a field somewhere.

The low-contact nature of Touch gives it an advantage over Rugby Union or League in Bavaria. We hope to exploit this an introduce Touch to schools in Munich and Bavaria, something already started in Berlin.

Touch München
Touch Berlin
Touch Deutschland
Federation of International Touch

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