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Tips for effective classified adverts

The Toytown Germany website provides a free classified adverts service. Anyone may use this service to post English-language non-commercial advertisements. The adverts are posted to the chat forum area of the site. For further details about that see: how to post a message.

In order to ensure the advert is effective, you should adhere to the following simple rules:
  • Post to the correct category. If you have an apartment for rent in Munich, post to the Munich accommodation offered section. If you have items for sale in Munich, post to the Munich items for sale section. See the list of all classified adverts sections.
  • Ensure that the post title is accurate and as helpful as possible. If you have a table and four chairs for sale, make sure that the title reads "table and four chairs for sale". Do not use a vague title like "for sale" or "stuff for sale". The more effective the title the more likely an interested reader will click it.

To close an advert, click the "close ad" button at the top right of the posting. This will close the advert to replies and mark the ad with a little red "x" next to the listing. Closed adverts are automatically removed from the system completely after a day or two. The close ad button looks like this:

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