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The Theresienwiese is the "meadow" on which the Oktoberfest takes place. The word "meadow" is put in quotes because this patch of ground is completely covered in concrete - hardly very meadow-like.

"Wiese" is the German word for "meadow". So "Theresienwiese" could be translated as "Theresa's Meadow".

The Bavarian word is the "Wies'n", and this is now synonymous in meaning with "Oktoberfest".

Theresienwiese is located in the center of Munich, just to the east of the Hauptbahnhof, the central station. It is wedged between the districts of Ludwigsvorstadt and Westend.

Over looking the Theresienwiese is a giant statue of a female. Who is this? Is it Theresa herself? If so, who is she?

You can climb up the inside of the statue and get a great view from inside her head and out over the site.

Besides the Oktoberfest, a number of other events take place here. For example The Tollwood Festival in December.

There was also a Nazi rally here on 2.Apr.2005. See the photo below which also includes the Theresienwiese statue in the background:

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