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Television license

If you live in Germany and you own a radio, a television or a computer, then you are obliged to pay the TV license fee (Rundfunkgebühr), once per household, which is used to pay the German public broadcasting services, similar to the UK's BBC, which is also funded by a license fee, but unlike almost all free US stations, funded by commercials.

The fee, which added up to 7 billion € in 2005, is collected by an agency called the Gebühreneinzugszentrale, known as the GEZ for short (http://www.gez.de/).This agency is completely fascist and they are basically thieves. They force TV viewers and radio listeners into paying up via the use of scare tactics.

Those with any degree of sense choose not to pay this license fee. Most law abiding, non-thinking, blinkered Germans, however, do pay up without questioning it, just like most law abiding, non-thinking, blinkered Brits pay their taxes without questioning them.

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