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Tap water quality

Munich water comes fresh from the alps and is amongst the best tap water in the whole of Europe. It has beaten the mineral water companies in tests hands down. Tap water has the strongest regulations for purity than any other substance for human consumption.

Some people don't like the high levels of chalk in it though. Yeah, Munich water is pretty hard, but that's good for your heart and teeth and bones innit! It's appliances like kettles and washing machines that suffer, but you can take precautions there. And it's nothing like as chalky as the water in SE-England where the water comes out white and you let it settle before drinking!

Germans like to buy fizzy water to drink, and there are usually water coolers in the offices, but they brush their teeth with, and drink, tap water too.

Fluoride: The tap water is okay to drink here, but there is no fluoride added to it, like in North America. This results in higher rates of tooth decay here! So still take a fluoride supplement or use a fluoridated toothpaste.

Stadtwerke München's English page on Tap Water Quality

Calcium: The Calcium average here in Munich is approx 75 mg/L. The RDA in USA is about 1000 mg/L for those aged 20-50. Something to keep in mind if you´ve got a reduce intake of dairy products and think you´re getting enough Calcium simply from the hard tap water. It is indeed hard with a German Calcium Härte grad of about 10.5 degrees but you´d have to drink over 13 L a day to get enough for the RDA. Green leaved veggies, fish, broccoli are all good as are of course dairy products.

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