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Supporters subscription

The TT supporters subscription is available for free to long-term reputable members of the forum.

Members qualify for the subscription when they satisfy all three of the following criteria:
  • Joined more than six months ago (180 days, to be precise)
  • Have 100 or more posts to the forum
  • Have a reputation of +40 green or better
The perks of the subscription are:
  • access to a private supporters forum - here we discuss insider gossip about what's happening on the forum
  • a larger personal message store - save as many PMs as you'll ever need
  • longer post edit times - three hours as opposed to the normal 20 minutes
  • the ability to CC more members via private message
  • ability to start polls in the forum
Additionally, female suscribers gain access to the Ladies' Club where they discuss boy trouble, female health, pregnancy, contraception, dating, make-up, shoes, dieting, and clothes - all free from male interference. Male subscribers gain access to the Gentlemen's Club.

Upon qualifying for a supporters subscription your account is automatically upgraded. Access to the Ladies' and Gentlemen's Clubs, however, is granted manually. To gain access please send proof of sex to Editor Bob via PM.

(it appears that Editor Bob does not exist for me or that I am prohibited from emailing him - interestingly, I am able to edit/change this post which might explain how my email address (which is unique to toytown subscription) gets unsolicited scam and spam email.

Has anyone ever tried to delete their profile (unsubscribe/remove their account) ?

I have... tried that is... obviously, since I am writing this, I have been unsuccessful... they appear to welcome membership, but once in, you can't get out... Isn't there a GDPR rule that they are breaking on this?

Hmmmmm... I will email their legal department... what is the bets that it bounces?!
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