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Sunday shopping

As well as the inadequate supermarkets another common cause for lament amongst Brits and Americans living in Munich is the lack of Sunday shopping. German law prohibts the vast majority of businesses from trading on a Sunday. This doesn't seem to cause a problem for the local German population. They are more than happy to 'keep Sunday special'. But what happens if you wake up on Sunday morning to find your food cupboard bare? Well, unless you're prepared to eat out for the day, you're pretty much snookered. The only remaining options are to visit a locial petrol/gas station for biscuits and tinned food, or to get down to the Hauptbahnhof. At the central station there are five grocery shops. These are not terribly adequate, but they'll do for emergencies. ...

At the Munich central station there are many kiosks and stalls which serve food seven days a week. There are, however, only five stores which sell decent amounts of groceries. These stores are:

Mini Markt (x2)

Feinkost am S-Bahnhof

Spaghetti & Co.

Lahori - Asian specialities

Of these five, Mini Markt has the greatest variety of basic foodstuffs:

wine, pringles, biscuits, nuts, fruit juices, instant noodle mixes, heinz baked beans (€1.45 a tin), pasta sauces, späzle, pasta, uncle bens asian sauces, curry sauces, long-life bread, cornflakes, tinned vegetables, tinned fish, cheese, milk, eggs, rice, sausages, speck, household cleaning fluids and powders, fresh fruit and veg including potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, carrots

Both the Mini Markts are open 7am til 10pm daily and from 8am on Sundays and public holidays.

Lahori stocks: Asian, Oriental, and African specialities such as ready-made rice dishes, lots of different types of rice, fresh ginger and various spices.

Spaghetti & Co. have: lots of different types of pasta, pesto and pasta sauces, jalapeño wraps, tacos, tinned beans (various), and flour (various: corn, maize, etc...)

Feinkost am S-Bahnhof stock a small amount of fresh fruit, biscuits, and tinned vegetables. The one thing that Feinkost have that none of the others do, is frozen pizza.

And that's your lot. Nowhere, as far as we know, can you buy fresh meat on a Sunday. Sausages are available in plenty, but nothing like steak. So if you're planning to barbeque on a Sunday, make sure you buy ahead.

All in all, Sundays in Munich can be pretty quiet. For some tips on keeping busy see: Sundays in Munich - What's there to do?

If you are really desperate for a full range of choice (including fresh meat, dairy produce) then you can go to EDEKA at the airport. Open 7 days a week (06:30 - 22:00) and the prices are standard supermarket prices. You can then head over to Airbräu for an excellent weissbier, brewed on site, for only €2.

One other good venue for Sunday shopping is the Munich Airport. Many Müncheners use the opportunity for a Sunday "Ausflug". Besides an EDK supermarket, there´s a post office, bookshop, and numerous restaurants and cafés...as well as a brewpub with 2€ beers!

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