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The word Stammtisch is German. It is not easily translated into English but it means something like "regular's table" or "regular get-together".

Literally speaking, the word Stammtisch is a table in a bar or restaurant which is reserved for the same guests at the same time every day or every week. There is usually a sign on the table saying "Stammtisch". If you don't belong to this table, don't attempt to sit there! In the most traditional German beer halls there is a large brass plaque above the table with the word Stammtisch printed on it in bold lettering.

There can be all kinds of Stammtisch. There are those simply for friends to drink together. Or those for specific interest groups - say a "philosophy discussion Stammtisch" or a "stamp collectors Stammtisch".

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In Munich there are a number of loosely organised Stammtische for English speakers. Contrary to the traditional meaning of the word, these get-togethers don't always happen at the same place nor even according to a regular schedule.

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