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Schwabing is a district in the northern half of Munich. This is historically known as "the artists quarter". Much of the nightlife is here, as is the university (Ludwig Maximilians Universität). Schwabing is divided east-west by Leopoldstraße.

Schwabing is generally considered a very desirable place to live, particularly amongst the younger crowd. The population density is high, yet away from the main roads such as Leopoldstrasse there are plenty of very quiet blocks and patches of greenery.

The postal codes (PLZ) are primarily: 80801, 80802, 80803, and 80804.

Schwabing's main hub is Münchner Freiheit.

For nightlife see:

There is a cheap hotel in Schwabing, Hotel Pension Theresia.

There are two hospitals in Schwabing. Namely Diagnoseklinik München and Krankenhaus Schwabing.

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