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Rolfing is a health treatment which comes somewhere between massage and osteopathy. Massage is for the muscles. Osteopathy is for the bones. Rolfing, on the other hand, is primarily for the treatment of bad posture and the realignment of fascia - the connective tissues which wrap around muscles and bone.

Rolfing is based strictly on medical science but also has a holistic approach to it. Rolfers are very aware that all parts of the body are connected. By treating pain and imbalances in the lower legs, they can simultaneously treat pain in the back. Rolfing can be of particular interest to those who spend all day at a computer.

Rolfing was invented in the 1940's and 50's by an American lady called Dr. Ida Rolf. She was the first American female ever to be granted a PhD. There are now three major Rolfing schools worldwide. These are in Colorado, Brazil, and Munich. Rolfers United is an international team of three Rolfers who are based in Munich. Andrea is German (also speaks English and French), Mattheus is South African (speaks English, German, Afrikaans, and even Swedish) and Tom is Scottish (also speaks German).

Together they offer Rolfing treatments to anyone who suffers symptoms such as back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and any number of different aches and pains. Except the Rolfing doesn't just tackle the symptoms. Rather it trys to improve the structure, bearing, and movement pattern of the whole body. The aim is to make you aware of your own body and to help you maintain tissue corrections for yourself, indefinitely.

The first rolfing session starts with the Rolfer simply watching how you stand and walk. Then after a few lifestyle questions (do you do sport? work at a computer? etc.) you are asked to lie on the couch. The treatment is extremely gentle and slow. There might be a bit of pain. But it will be good pain! Contact is made with the various tissues and they are gently teased into place. There is manipulation of the shins, the neck, the back, and the chest.

Each rolfing session lasts about an hour. A recommended course consists of ten sessions. These can be taken at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. So a full course might last nearly a year. The first session is really just a get-to-know-you session. The rolfer has to understand the peculiarities of how your particular body is connected together. It is only by the third session that you'll really begin to benefit from any lasting effects.

Rolfers United
Dreimühlenstrasse 10
80469 Munich - Isarvorstadt
U3/6 Goetheplatz
Stadtbus 131 (Isarparallele) Roecklplatz,
Bus 152 Ehrengutstrasse
Phone Tom Cooper on: 0163 2570 278
Website: Rolfers United

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