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Public transport ticket inspectors

The MVG and S-Bahn employ ticket inspectors to ensure that all passengers on the Munich public transport system are in correct ownership of a valid ticket.

On the U-Bahn tickets are checked by the MVG ticket inspectors. The tickets for the S-Bahn are checked by a different set of inspectors. Both these sets of inspectors operate in plain-clothes. The uniformed guards seen on both networks rarely check tickets. They are present primarily to keep peace and order. The MVG uniformed guards wear blue and are armed with live-firing weapons. The S-Bahn guards wear a distinctive red beret and are unarmed but instead carry a truncheon.

The practice of not carrying a valid ticket for travel on the public transport is known as Schwarzfahren.

The ticket inspectors on the U-Bahn, trams, and buses are employed by the MVG. The inspectors on the S-Bahn are employed by Deutsche Bahn (I think).

The MVG inspectors generally travel incognito - they pretend to be ordinary passengers until the doors are locked and the train or bus begins to move. Then they show their ID badge and demand to see your ticket. Do not argue with the inspectors. If you do not have a valid ticket you will not argue your way out of it. It is your responsibility to show a ticket.

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