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Public transport

Public transport in Munich and the surrounding area is coordinated by the Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV). It comprises S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Tram and Bus services. In 2005, over 580 million journeys were made in the MVV region, an average of 226 per resident. Services typically run from 5am until 1am (2.30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings). A network of night buses and trams offer transport options at other times.

S-Bahn - Suburban train service

The S-Bahn is operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB). All the services (S1, S2, S4-S8) run along a single stretch of track through the city, through a tunnel from Ostbahnhof to Hauptbahnhof (this is the Stammstrecke). At either end, they all split off to go to various outlying towns and villages. Each service runs every 20 minutes, with a 10-minute service on some lines during the rush hour.

The S1 and S8 lines serve the airport, travelling clockwise and anti-clockwise, respectively, around the top of the city. (Check your plane ticket -- sometimes public transport to the airport and back is included!)

Note: The S1 from the city to the airport has a section that splits off and goes to Freising, so be sure to sit in the correct part of the train (the last part).

U-Bahn - Underground train service

The U-Bahn is operated by Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG). The trains (U1-U7) generally only serve the inner parts of the city. During the rush-hour they run every 5 minutes, and then every 10 minutes during the rest of the day. The services run until around 1:00am during the week, and 2:30am on Friday and Saturday.

Trams and Buses

Buses and trams fill in the gaps between the S-Bahn and U-Bahn network. 11 major bus routes are designated as "MetroBus" (lines 50 through 60). Trams (lines 12 through 27) and MetroBuses usually run every 10 minutes during the daytime and then every 20 minutes until 1am. All other bus lines usually run every 20 minutes with some lines having limited or no weekend and evening service.

Buses and trams also operate a night service, with four night-tram lines and seven night-bus services. Stops with night service have an owl symbol attached to their posts. All night tram lines and the night bus line N40 operate daily while all other night bus lines operate weekend nights only. Night lines run at 30-minute intervals weekend nights and at 60-minute intervals weekday nights. A major interchange point for the nightline system is Karlsplatz. There is no extra fare for nightlines; general MVV fares apply.

Punctuality and Delays

The transport services almost always run according to the published schedule, although in winter there can be problems with the S-Bahn.

Because the S-Bahn is operated by a different entity to the other services, there can sometimes be a lack of information regarding delays or problems.


The MVV offers a wide range of single and daily tickets, as well as weekly, monthly and annually for regular travellers.

Single tickets can be used to transfer from one service to another, providing you do not double back on yourself. A Kurzstrecke (Short-stretch) ticket (€1.10) is valid for up to four stops, of which no more than two can be on an S-Bahn or U-Bahn. In other words, you can use it to travel two stops by bus, then change and travel another two stops by S-Bahn or U-Bahn. Longer journeys within the central zone cost €2.20.

A daily ticket (Tageskarte) is a good value method of travelling around Munich. It can be purchased at any time and is valid on all public transport in the selected area. A ticket covering the whole of central Munich (Single-Tageskarte Innenraum) costs €4.80. A ticket covering the whole of Munich, including surrounding towns and Munich Airport, costs €9.60 (Single-Tageskarte Gesamtnetz).

If you are travelling with at least one other person, group tickets are also available. These are valid for up to five people. The ticket for central Munich (Partner-Tageskarte Innenraum) costs €8.50, or €17 for the whole of Munich (Partner-Tageskarte Gesamtnetz).

Current S-Bahn lines

During rush hours, the following lines run in a 10-minute-timetable:


  • Some 240 S-Bahn trains operate over a network covering 442 km. The S-Bahn network comprises 147 stations and ten lines, and is used by around 720,000 passengers each workday.
  • The six U-Bahn lines cover nearly 100 km, with 572 trains serving 96 stations. Over 300 million journeys are made each year.
  • 91 trams serve 148 stops over a network covering 71 km. Around three-quarters of the stops are served by the four night-tram routes. In 2005, 87 million journeys were made by tram.
  • 62 day- and 6 night- bus lines serve 842 stops over 435 km in Munich. Over 160 million journeys are made each year.

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