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Pots of evil

Pots of Evil is the nickname given by TT'ers to the Feuerzangenbowle that is served on Munich's Rindermarkt during Advent. Feuerzangenbowle, often abbreviated as FZB, is a type of mulled wine that contains generous quantities of rum. Its potency, together with the fact that it is served in clay mugs, is what originated the name "Pots of Evil".

There are a number of stalls at the Rindermarkt Christmas Market. The one that serves the Feuerzangenbowle usually prefered by TT'ers is number 215. It is located exactly by the green arrow in this Google Maps link. That's the south side of the Rindermarkt, opposite the Konen store. It is open daily, closing at 8.30pm.

Dates and meetups 2008

Opening dates for the Christmas market 2008 at Rindermarkt are: 28th November - 24th December inclusive. The TT group generally meets from 5pm on Fridays. Dates in 2008 are: 28th November, 5th, 12th, and 19th December. See the related chat topic to find out more about the next "Pots of Evil" meetup. See also the discussion archive from previous "Pots of Evil" meetups.

Pots of Evil recipe

The drinking of Pots of Evil is easy, the making is a little more complicated. You heat wine with orange and lemon peel and some spices in a pot. Then take the mixture off the stove, suspend the metal tray over the pot, put the sugar cone on the tray and douse it with high percentage rum, then light it on fire. The sugar caramelizes and melts into the wine below, and when all the sugar is melted, it's ready to drink. It doesn't look or taste all that different from mulled wine. The spectacle is mostly in the making process.

Other info

Incidently, Die Feuerzangenbowle is rumoured to be the best movie ever made in Germany.

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