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The Olympiapark is the area in the north of Munich which was built for the 1972 Olympic games. The park borders onto the Schwabing, Moosach, and Gern districts of Munich.

The Munich Olympiapark contains the Olympic stadium, the Olympic television tower, a look-out hill, and landscaped gardens and lakes.

For the duration of the Football World Cup 2006 the Olympiapark will become a World Cup fan park.

Olympia Park is a great place to hang out with friends or to do sporting activities. Go for a walk or inline-skating along its many paths. Catch the sounds and vibe of a concert or game from the man-made hill if you haven't got a ticket.

New, check out the very fishy Sea Life Centre.

Olympia Park is the last stop on the U3 U-Bahn (Subway) line.

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