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Oberschleissheim is a town just to the north of Munich. The S-Bahn line S1 passes through here. It is one stop north of Feldmoching and six stops short of Munich Airport.

Amongst other things, Oberschleissheim is the home of the pharmaceuticals company Organon.

The name Schleissheim refers to the palace just a five minute walk from the S-Bahn stop. The palace consists of three parts: The Altes Schloss, Neues Schloss, and Schloss Lutheim.

The Altes Schloss dates from 1617-1623, built by Duke Wilhelm V.

The Neues Schloss dates from 1701-1719, built by Elector Max II Emanuel

Schloss Lutheim dates from 1684-1689, built by Duke Wilhelm V

Elector Max II had hoped to be the Holy Roman Emperor, and so had the Neues Schloss built to rule from. However, he never did gain the title and so the palace has become nearly forgotten. The size of the structures themselves and the scope of the art and grounds are very similar to Schloss Nymphenburg.

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