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Oberpollinger is a large store on Neuhauser Straße in Munich, founded in 1905 and owned by Karstadt since 1927. It today mostly sells clothes, while sportswear and equipment is available in the neighbouring Karstadt Sport and household goods are sold a hundred yards down the road in the Karstadt Haus am Dom.

Known for years as Karstadt Oberpollinger, in October 2007 it reverted to its old name of "Oberpollinger", with the sub-title "Karstadt Premium Group". At the same time, "Karstadt Oberpollinger Haus am Dom" became "Karstadt Haus am Dom", "Karstadt Oberpollinger Sport" became "Karstadt Sport", while the Hertie across the road that had been owned by Karstadt since 1993 became Karstadt while many of the small Karstadts nationwide became Hertie. In 2010, Karstadt am Dom was closed and Oberpollinger reverted to a standard Karstadt but retained the name Oberpollinger. Got that?

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