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Museum Lichtspiele

Museum Lichtspiele
Lilienstraße 2, Munich Haidhausen-Au
S-Bahn Isartor or Rosenheimerplatz
MVV trip planner for Lilienstr. 2
Ticket reservations: 089 482403
Program details: 089 4891296
Website: Museum Lichtspiele

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Museum Lichtspiele, also known as "MLS", is a very small cinema. They have 4 theaters each seating about 30 viewers. The cinema prides itself on being a 'Kult Kino'. They do screen some hollywood blockbusters, but they also show lots of low budget and less well known films. Advance reservations are generally advisable at peak times. Mondays are "Kinotag" which means all films cost just ?5.

MLS holds the world record for showing Rocky Horror Picture Show the longest! It's shown every single week of the year (Saturdays) and has been running for something like 27 yrs now! Damn it, Janet!

UrbanAngel says: "For years their website used to be the most poorly designed in the world. But I visited it today and now it's all new and improved. I just hope that they do the same with the theaters and get rid of the crappy seats and the stinky carpets."

jmm1 says: "agreed, website has changed, but they still have crappy, smelly seats. went to see collateral last night and we waited 30 minutes for it to start. apparently they forget to start the movie so commercials kept on showing up. no apologies, no thanks for your patience, no free popcorn. ugh! but for ?6,50 it was an experience i will never forget! ha."

Ella Star says: "It always takes 30 minutes of crappy Shaggy "Like Ice in the Sunshine" commercials before any flick at this joint. If only the Mathaeser stepped up and offered some more variety then all would be good."

Patently Obvious says: "Been here and quite liked it. Reminded me of the cinema I used to go to back home until your big corp multiplexes shut the independant flicks down. It's all part of the character IMO."

3 Lions says: "Exactly! Museum Lichtspiele is one of the few survivors. Incidentally, my art class held the first Rocky Horror Picture Show costume party there the first month it was shown. Since then many others have done the same and Museum Lichtspiele added the special decor. So if it's been running 27 years that's just about how many years it's been since they last decorated!I'm curious, do people still show up in costumes on Saturday?

pink jello says: "...sort of like ..a bigger version of me living room ..food bits on the floor, dodgy screen, dark, seats with holes and skidmarks but a nice cosy homely feel to it like. a nice altetnative to Cinema"

el_rocko says: "According to their website they are currently renovating. So the crappy seats and stinky carpets may soon be but a fond memory."

Film Buff says: "I think it´s a great cinema but one thing annoys the crip out of me: when you buy your ticket you´ve no seat nr. just a row nr. so if a group of you are going and you want ot sit together you have to go early and sit through all the rubbish ads for half an hour. either that or you have to ask people to move up much to their annoyance. Glad they´re renovating although I hope they keep the cheesy decor... it rocks!

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