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Munich Scotland flights

Direct Flights

As of Feb 2006, BAConnect are offering direct flights between Munich and Glasgow. Well, they're labelled as "direct" but in actual fact they appear to touch down in Bristol for a few minutes.

In early 2005 some rumours surfaced in the news (The Scotsman) that BMI were to start flying direct between Munich and Scotland. Apparently these flights would begin in the summer of 2005 but this flight route was cancelled. See the related TT chat forum topic: MI's plans for direct flights between Edinburgh and Munich have been axed

From June 2007 Easyjet are flying direct Munich to Edinburgh. Flights are available with Easyjet flying from Munich to Edinburgh daily. Take off in Munich at 1445 and land in Edinburgh at 1810. Edinburgh departs at 1250 lands in Munich at 1620. Booking in advance provides cheap flights.

Indirect Flights

These are the alternative routes between Munich and Scotland:

British Airways - Glasgow or Edinburgh via London Heathrow;Lufthansa - (via Manchester?);Easyjet - Stanstead, then immediate connecting flight to Glasgow or Edinburgh;KLM - via Amsterdam;Air France - via Paris;Czech Airlines - via? (not via Prague, surely?)

Airports in Scotland

The main international airports in Scotland are: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Prestwick. There are also national airports for internal Great Britain flights only.

Flights to Newcastle

Newcastle is in northern England and less than 100 miles short of the Scottish border. It might suit your itinery to fly direct there, and then take the train up to Scotland. HLX fly to Newcastle once a week.

Flights from Frankfurt

Frankfurt is 2 to 4 hours away from Munich on the train. Some airlines fly direct from there to Scotland (not sure which though). Take care if your itinery stats "Frankfurt Hahn". The "Hahn" airport is actually about 2 hours on the bus out of Frankfurt.

Flights from Salzburg

There are rumours of flights direct from Salzburg to Scotland. Perhaps with Ryanair. No confirmation of this though.

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