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Montessori method

The Montessori method is a methodology and educational philosophy for nursery and elementary school education, first developed by the Italian Dr. Maria Montessori.

There are a number of Montessori schools in Munich. See:

About the Montessori method:

The Montessori method's central focus is on the needs, talents, gifts, and special individuality of each child. Montessori practitioners believe children learn best in their own way at their own pace. The child controls the pace, topic and repetition of lessons independent of the rest of the class or of the teacher. The driving concept is the fostering of the child's natural joy of learning. This joy of learning, according to Montessori theory, is an innate part of any child; when properly guided and nurtured it results in a well-adjusted person who has a purpose and direction in his or her life. Children who experience the joy of learning are believed to be happy, confident, and fulfilled.

Additional important skills emphasized by the Montessori method are self-reliance and independence. Independence is encouraged by teaching a child "practical life" skills, Montessori preschool children learn to dress themselves, help cook, put their toys and clothes away and take an active part of their household, neighborhood and school. Montessori education carried through the elementary and high school years begins to encourage more group work but still relies on the student as the guide and guardian of his or her own intellectual development.

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