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Moderation team

The TT chat forum is a moderated forum. This means that all posted messages are subject to editing or complete removal by the moderators as per the forum usage guidelines.

Although the right to freedom of speech does not apply on TT, the moderators do take a liberal approach and they do act in the best interests of the community majority. They will react to consensus opinion on what is good for the greatest number of members.

The list of the moderation team used to be found here:

Moderation Team (This link is also at the bottom of the forum index page.)

However this link is no longer available.

The following list of accounts are currently (July 2018) believed to be administrators or moderators.


@Editor Bob

@Malcolm Spudbury


@Toytown Germany



As is true of life in general, it is impossible to please all the people all the time. Members' posts are moderated in the greater interests of the community as a whole. Occasionally a TT forum member may feel s/he has been unfairly moderated. If you have a complaint, please send a PM to one or more of the moderators/administrators concerned, or use the report function to communicate with all of them simultaneously.

Do not post moderation complaints or queries to the public forum. Out of the circa 1,200 posts made to the forum everyday, the moderators do not and can not read every single one of them, so it is likely that your complaint will go unnoticed.

If you find a post of yours has been removed, check the removed posts page to see the reason for removal.(This link is broken)

Do not post a rant about moderation to the public forum. Such rants will only be deleted and likely escalate the problem. In the vast majority of cases the moderators will be on your side. They want you to be happy. And remember, all but two of the team work as volunteers - so please be respectful.

If you think you're a victim of moderation, you're not. Read: victims of moderation

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