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Mexican food in Munich

NOT JUST FOR MUNICH ANYMORE but the Wiki cannot currently create new pages so this is stuck with the old title.

Anyway, you may need to make your own Mexican food. German "Mexikaner" aren't known for their food but more for their cocktails, which Americans may not think are much good.

Individual ingredients
Asian food stores, Indian shops, and Turkish groceries will reliably have fresh cilantro -- called Korianderblatt. You may have to ask for it, as they might have it in a refrigerator in the back. Cheaper there than at Frischeparadies, Metro, Käfer, and various other gourmet food stores or markets like Viktualienmarkt in Munich. You'll also find black beans, Wachtelbohnen, and various chili peppers there. Italian specialty groceries often have wheat flour tortillas made with actual lard (Schweineschmalz), while the Turkish shops also have flour tortillas. Wachtelbohnen can be substituted for pinto beans and may even be labeled pinto beans, but they're actually cranberry beans.

Reformhäuser and organic food stores will also often have dried "specialty" beans.

Many groceries (real, HIT, MiniMal, HL, Tengelmann, Rewe, etc.) now carry Mexican food as well as Japanese, Chinese, and American. Not necessarily what you're looking for but may do in a pinch.

See the TT guide for reviewed Mexican restaurants, comments welcomed.

Online Shops

La Tortilla
Wiesenweg 17
85716 Unterschleißheim
Online shop: http://latortilla.de

La Tortilla imports Mexican ingredients, as well as producing corn/flour tortillas. They are a supplier to several Mexican restaurants and shops in Munich. Their webpage has online ordering. They also stock beers, tequilas, and some gifts (sombreros, etc.)

The stuff comes really fast, and they have all sorts of Mexican beers, spices, foods etc. I highly recommend the "lemon mix" spice. Combined with a bit of fresh lemon juice and cilantro (Korianderblatt) it makes the best damned Chicken wings I have ever had! I did not care too much for their tortillas I found them a bit too thick for my taste.

Dutch, but also ships to Germany.

http://www.amazon.de or maybe even better -- http://www.amazon.co.uk/
Yup. More and more, Amazon has food that you've been looking for other places. Especially the dried and canned things.

Known Mexican shops in Munich:

Opening hours and phone numbers are listed on their websites.

Mercado de Mexico
Will be closed for renovation during November 2017.
Schulstrasse 38, Munich Neuhausen
Mercado de Mexico in Neuhausen might be of interest to fans of spicy food. They are a lot cheaper than anywhere else I've tried (30 wheat tortillas for 3.50€‚¬ and they freeze beautifully) and also stock chipotle chiles in adobado sauce in tins as well as some fresh produce. Their freezer cabinet is a new addition with some ready-made dishes on offer. It isn't a big store but they are very nice people (and the website like them is trilingual).

Dried peppers, frozen tamales in corn husks and empanadas (both of which Gen really enjoyed, the tamales in the banana leaves weren't good though), some things supplied by La Tortilla above. Has in the past offered cooking lessons.

Tortilla-grind masa available, tamale-grind not available. Excellent selection of dried peppers including both Mexican and South American. All their canned/jarred stuff is available in other places in the city. Genuine pinto beans, which are not quite the same as Wachtelbohnen which are available in Turkish and Asian shops and even regular German shops throughout town. Their "large selection of specialty tequilas" was four kinds, two of which are utter swill and one of which is aged in the US (though isn't wholly awful otherwise). Refrigerated corn and flour tortillas available, as well as frozen tamales, guacamole, and things-labelled-tacos-that-Americans-call-taquitos.

La Almendra
A small bistro with Spanish & Latin American food and drinks that also sells groceries from Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Argentina and Mexico.Daily changing selection of home-made cakes and quiche, tamales, empanadas.Hot chocolate specialties from Spain, Mexico and Columbia.
Sedanstraße 39
81667 Munich
(half-way between Ostbahnhof and Rosenheimer Platz)
Monday: 10.00 - 14.00
Tuesday-Friday: 10.00 - 18.30
Saturday: 10.00 - 15.00 Uhr
http://www.la-almendra.de (In Feb. 2010, this website was under construction)

Antojos Latinos
Productos Latinos
Hofmannstr. 13, 81379 Munich

Asian market in the HBF now has a Latin American products section
Open DAILY including Sunday until 22:00! Also has cilantro in the fridge at the back in a white plastic bag.
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