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Merging two IPB Invision forums

This utility script enables the merging of two IPB Invision forums. Invision themselves do not provide the facility to merge two forum installations, nor is there any evidence of such a utility elsewhere on the internet, so we wrote the script ourselves.

The script merges the following tables:
  • members, posts, attachments, polls, voters
  • message_text message_topics
  • contacts, tracker, topic_tracker

Data is copied from one set of tables into another. Only data from the above tables is copied. Data from other tables is lost.

Use this script at your own risk. It would be advised that you read through the source and understand it before executing it. And be sure to back up your database before execution.

Edit the file "merge_config.php" to configure for your own set-up. Then run each of the merge scripts individually, or run them all at once using "merge_all.php".

The script has been tested on Invision Power Board v2.1.5 - we would advise double-checking for differences in the table structures if you are using an earlier or later version.

Note that the script relies on both forums being installed into the same database - but with two different sets of tables, i.e. two different table prefixes - one for each forum. You'll need to ensure that the table prefixes are correct for your installations - edit the "merge_config.php" file. Automatic member conflict solution will NOT produce desired results, if different members have the same ID on the merging boards.

The script can be downloaded here:

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