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Münchner Freiheit

Münchner Freiheit is the central hub of Schwabing and one of the busiest squares in the city. The Leopoldstraße, Herzog, and Feilitzschstraße streets all meet here. Prior to WWII the square was known as Feilitzsch Platz. During the final days of the war the Freiheitsaktion Bayern was one of the most influencial resistance groups. On 28th April 1945, the group acquired two Munich radio towers and transmitted long messages urging people to reject the Nazi movement. Feilitzsch Platz was renamed Münchner Freiheit in honour of this resistance. 'Freiheit' is the German word for 'Freedom'.

Photo by jamessmke

Incidently, there are two alternative spellings. Some say 'Münchner Freiheit' while others add an 'e' to make it 'Münchener Freiheit'. In recent years the city council officially decreed that the 'e' should be dropped. All street and U-Bahn maps now comply with this. The signs in the U-Bahn stations still include the 'e' because they were originally written this way and are too expensive to change. Despite the official spelling being otherwise, Google.de indicates that the 'e' version is more popular - 47,000 hits as opposed to 35,000.

Münchner Freiheit will undergo extensive renovations in 2008 - 2009, including a complete rebuild of the subway station as well as a complete rebuilt of the bus terminal, and the opening of the new tram line 23 in late 2009.

There is also a branch of Galeria Kaufhof here and McDonalds is nearby

Münchner Freiheit is one of the main hubs of activity in Schwabing. Among the neighbouring streets are hundreds of bars, cafés, cinemas, and shops.

Directly on Münchner Freiheit is the Schwabing branch of the large department store Karstadt.

Other notable establishments are:

Heading south from Münchner Freiheit takes you along Leopoldstraße to the Siegestor. The road then continues, but as Ludwigstraße, to Odeonsplatz and the city center.

If you enjoy city life, Münchner Freiheit would be a very desirable place to have an apartment.

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