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Landshut is a town in Lower Bavaria, approximately 60km north-east of Munich along the River Isar and 30km south of Regensburg. It has a population of 62,000.


The town was founded in 1204 and was for centuries home to the Wittelsbach family, the former rulers of Bavaria. The town's historical importance is reflected in the grandeur of its Old Town; the town's main thoroughfares (named Altstadt and Neustadt, names normally reserved for an entire area) count among the most impressive in Germany. At the head of Altstadt is St. Martin's Church, the tower of which is the world's tallest brick structure.

In 1475, the marriage of the Wittelsbach family member George of Bavaria to a Polish princess was cause for a great celebration in the town. Every four years, this event is recreated in the town. The Landshuter Hochzeit (Landshut Wedding) is one of the largest historical pageants in Europe, with 5,000 participants and over a million spectators spread over four weekends.

Life in Landshut

Although within striking distance of Munich Airport, Landshut has only a small expat community. There are few international companies based there.

Landshuter Hochzeit town is, however, a worthy day-trip destination, ranking among Bavaria's most impressive towns. The twice-annual Dult (spring/autumn festival) attracts families and revellers alike. The Christmas Market is particularly romantic, and considered one of Bavaria's most beautiful. The Landshuter Hochzeit is held every four years (next in June/July 2009).

The town is a popular destination for cyclists cycling the Isar Radweg (River Isar cycle path). It is a gentle 5-7 hour cycle ride from Munich (about half that time from Freising).

Although lacking a thriving nightlife, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants along Altstadt, the town's main shopping street. There is an Irish pub on Apothekergasse, while the Schwarzer Hahn (hidden away behind the church at Nahensteig 189) is the most atmospheric of Landshut's pubs. They also have a small cinema showing independent films.

There is an hourly bus service to Munich Airport (journey time 40 minutes).

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