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Kreuzberg is a city district in Berlin.


Venues in Kreuzberg:
  • The Old Emerald Isle - an Irish pub popular with English-speakers in Berlin
  • ...any more? Feel free to add them here.

About Kreuzberg:

Before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Kreuzberg was in an isolated position with its eastern parts almost entirely surrounded by the Wall. This less-than-attractive residential area consequently had cheap rents. Kreuzberg is known to many for numerous Turkish immigrants from eastern parts of Turkey.

Kreuzberg's other distinctive trait is its alternative culture, which mostly originated in the 1980s. The traditional yearly May 1 demonstrations turned into violent riots in 1987, which, for reasons not entirely clear, continue every year until today. Many attempts have been made in recent years to prevent the demonstrations from turning violent, but neither police tactics of de-escalation nor a "hard hand" policy have been successful at stopping looting, burning of cars, and smashing of shop windows – all of which have almost become accepted as a yearly force of nature. See the chat forum discussion about the May 1st disturbances in 2007.

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