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The Kreisverwaltungsreferat, or the KVR as it is known for short, is the office in Munich which deals with all sorts of citizen registrations. If you want a residency or a work permit, you go here.

Note that the word "Kreisverwaltungsreferat" is only used in Munich. For other areas of Germany the equivalent is "Einwohnemeldeamt" or "Auslanderamt". See the discussion on this: Only Munich has a KVR, other cities call it something else

The Munich offices are located on Poccistraße, just down the road from Goetheplatz. Take the U-Bahn line U3 or U6 to the stop "Poccistrasse".

If you need to register your address (which, if you're living here for more than three months then you do) take a look at: Residence registration. For info about visas and permits of various types, use the TT search function on the words "visa" or "permits".

Ruppertstraße 19
80466 Munich

General opening times for all services except those mentioned below:

Monday 7.30 - 12.00 o'clock
Tuesday 10.00 - 18.30 o'clock
Wednesday 7.30 - 12.00 clock *
Thursday 10.00 - 16.00 o'clock
Friday 7.30 - 12.00 o'clock

(*) On Wednesday special rules apply:

Wednesdays only by appointment:
Immigration Office
Birth Office
Marriage Bureau
Note location

Wednesdays not open:
Vehicles Office
Weapon Authority

Website: http://www.muenchen.de/Rathaus/kvr/37584/index.html

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