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Isartor is the gate (literal translation is "Isar Gate") at the opposite end of Tal from Marienplatz.

The gate's towers are accessible to the public. On the top floor of one tower is a cafe, and in a couple of floors of the second there is a museum dedicated to the german comedians Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt.

Access to the towers is via a small door in the arch under the right-hand tower (when entering from Tal).

Isartor viewed from the corner of Frauenstraße and Zweibrückenstraße, opposite Isartorplatz.

Opposite Isartor, across Isartorplatz, is a great little Bavarian Wirtshaus called Gasthaus Isarthor.

At the Isartor S-Bahn stop, you will find McDonald's and PizzaHut as well as one of Munich's two large cinemas, the MaxX.


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