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How to post a message

So you want to post a message, or a classified advert, to the Toytown Germany website?

The way to do this is to post to an area called the chat forum.

Note that before posting you must first register an account. This requires the registration of a valid email address. A validation email is automatically sent and you must click the link contained therein before the new account is activated. Once the account is created and validated, you should then log in.

How to post a reply to an existing discussion

Once logged in, simply navigate your way to the discussion that you want to reply to, then click the "Add reply" button to the top right of the page. Then write your post into the text box, then click the "add reply" below, and that's it.

How to start a new discussion

Only start a new discussion if the exact topic you are interested in has not been discussed before. Use the search function to seek out existing topics. If the topic has been discussed before, feel free to add a reply. This will usually generate further new replies from others.

If your exact topic has not already been covered, first navigate your way to the most relevant area of the chat forum. Once in the correct area of the chat forum, you should then click the "new topic" button. The button looks like this...

This button is to be found towards the top right-hand side of the window. After clicking this topic, enter your message title, the message body, and then click submit. And Bob's your uncle.

Errors when posting

If you receive an error message when posting a reply or a new topic, it is most likely that you have not yet validated your newly registered account.

How to post a job advert

If you are posting a job advert, go instead to the post a job advert page.

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