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How to meet people

The place to meet people on this website is via the chat forum. Take a look at that link and browse the discussions taking place. This will give you a feel for who is active in the community and what interests them.

Many real life social events are organised via the chat forum. Of course, the meeting of people is dependent on finding others who are geographically nearby. Go to the "regions" section of the chat forum and select the sub-section that is relevant to your location. We have Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, NRW, Stuttgart, and "elsewhere". Within here there will be an "events and meetups" forum. Listed there are the events currently taking place.

Because the Toytown Germany website originated in Munich, the Munich events are currently still the most active. Every Tuesday evening there is a drinks night. Every Wednesday evening there is a curry night at a local Indian restaurant. There is also a "girls night out" that happens approximately once every two months. As well as many more events including poker, stitch and bitch, book reading, clubbing, beer gardening. Browse the meetups section to see all of them. For sports there is Touch Rugby, badminton, sailing, frisbee, and more. For these you should browse the sports section.

All of these events are free to attend and are open to newcomers. Everyone is warmly welcome, regardless of age and nationality. Of course it helps if you can speak good English as this is the only language spoken - with exception of the German language practice Stammtisch in Munich.

If there appears to be no event that would interest you, or there is no event in your area, then don't be afraid to start one. Simply pick a date, pick a location, and post up the information. It might be that nobody will come, but unless you try you will never know. For full details see: how to organise an event.

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