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Hotels in Berlin

Hotels in Berlin Some hotel recommendations Hiya

can anyone recommend a nice hotel in central Berlin?

Would prefer boutique hotel, does not have to be very cheap and would be for a weekend because I want to take Herr Indoors to this.



The Raffles place isn't very boutique, but it is 5 star, right on the Kudamm and the rooms are very nice, and the restaurant looked fab too - veggie mate with me tho, meant we couldn't eat there...

very nice and not expensive (call them up for a better rate than advertised on line) is Riehmershofgarten

at the top of the range there really is no substitute for The Adlon

Ku'Damm 101 or Gates Hotel (comes with a computer in every room, seriously! ) are both boutique-like.

mr bobke

If you are willing to spend the money, nothing in Berlin comes close to the Adlon

... and if you are not, the Kudamm 101 rocks!

Katrina ...

I'd have to agree with Mrbobke,

Ku'Damn 101 ... the location is very convenient, not too $$ ... and the rooms are tres chic!


I think we're going to the Art'otel now as the Comet pop awards are on that weekend but Art'otel still has rooms of a type we want at a price we'll pay (plus Herr Indoors likes the concept and seeing as we are going for his birthday it is his pick really).

Thanks for all the ideas though!

Katrina x

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My sister is coming out for a visit and to run the Berlin marathon next month. Does anyone know a good place for four people to stay in Berlin for a good price?


The Motel One group has got 2 branches in Berlin. I have never stayed there, but there is also one in Putzbrunn and my mum stayed there once and it was really nice and inexpensive.


Thanks Dan, looks good. Anyone have any other suggestions (think student pay)?

Hey, if she can afford to get to Berlin, she can afford a hotel. If not, the hostels a little way from the center are cheap.

It's not her I'm worried about, she's got Geld. It's me!

Im going to Berlin on Easter to meet with a couple of friends. I already booked a hostel in the Zoo area which I heard was pretty good. But his family might also be coming (they're coming from Canada) so he asked me to find a good hotel, not a hostel of course, thats close to our hostel we're gonna be in so that they can stay there. I tried looking on the internet, but I have no idea what or where the streets are from their names. So I need some help if anyone knows some good hotels in or around Downtown Berlin.

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I stayed at the Lindner Hotel right on the main shopping district!! Very very nice and soo convient, right across from the train and like 10 mins from zoo

I stayed at the art'otel city centre west.

The only one I know of, or at least seen in an article, was I think a Radisson Hotel that had a 250,000 gallon Saltwater Fish tank in the middle in which the elavator traveled!!! I would stay here just for this..

I was in Berlin a few weeks back and stayed at the 'Hotel California'. Wasn't a great hotel, but not too expensive, and quite handily situated (about 3min walk from the Gedachtniskirche on the Ku'damm). The time before that I stayed at the Swiss'otel at Ku'damm Eck, but that's quite pricey.

Thanks a lot people, appreciate the help

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