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Hauptbahnhof (Munich)

The word Hauptbahnhof is German for "central train station". Munich's central station is located about 1km to the west of the city center, Marienplatz. It is Munich's largest public transport hub; all national/international rail services and most regional services are terminating here. You can also walk to Oktoberfest from here, a 10-minute walk.

The square in front of the station is called Bahnhofplatz. Here, you will find the easyEverything internet cafe and Munich's only post office that is open until 8pm Mon thru Fri and until 4pm Saturdays.

The Euraide offices are located in the station.

There is also a small grocery which is open 24 hours. They don't sell much (any?) fresh products. No frozen pizza either. But they do have various dried food stuffs. Useful to know in an emergency.

The department store Karstadt (ex-Hertie) is located nearby.

There's also an international news shop where you can buy English language newspapers and magazines. They stock most of the British titles such as the Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, Observer, and Financial Times. Also, I think, the Sun and Daily Express. I'm not sure about the last two 'cos I never buy 'em. I don't buy the American papers either but am sure I've seen them. Perhaps the Herald and Tribune and New York Times.

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