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German language schools in Munich

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Index of German language schools in Munich

Top tips about taking German lessons

If you've just arrived in Munich then a good thing remember is that German classes are a very good opportunity for getting to know some other foreigners who are also new to the city - including members of the opposite sex.

Whichever school you choose, remember to keep all the bills from your language lessons - you can hand them in to your tax advisor and you'll get money back from the finance office. This only applies if you're paying for your lessons personally of course, not if your employer is paying.

Other ways to learn German

Having said all this, a language school is not the only way to learn German. Other good alternatives are to watch television, listen to the radio, try to read newspapers, buy some of those books with German on one page and English on the other. When you're watching telly don't think about the language. To start with you don't have to understand every word - just three or four words in every sentence will usually give you the gist of what's going on. You can also get DVD's and watch the German version with English subtitles. Dual language books are a good suggestion. There are kiddies stories - each story is one or two pages long - perfect for learning whilst travelling on the underground. They have dual-language books in Hugendubel on Marienplatz. On about the fourth or fifth floor. They're in the English section of the learning-a-foreign-language section, rather than the German.

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German language schools

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