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Gay Munich

Munich has a large and thriving gay scene befitting its position as Germany's third largest city. Although Bavaria has a reputation for Catholic conservatism the city of Munich is by contrast an island of liberal sensibilities and it is not uncommon to see gay or lesbian couples walking hand in hand on the streets. The City council has a councillor from a gay party, the Rosa-Liste, who forms part of the SPD-Green administration of the city under the very gay-friendly mayor Christian Ude.

Although historically Munich is seen as an important city to the Nazi movement, which consigned thousands of gay men and women to their deaths, there is an older and more prevalent bohemianism and tolerance to the city. In the nineteenth century the City was home to Karl Heinrich Ulrichs - the first and bravest out gay rights campaigner in the whole world. Munich has also been home to a good few other famous gay people including the film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the popstar Freddie Mercury.

SUB is a gay centre on Müllerstrasse that has a bar and also information about things that are happening in Munich. The "scene" in Munich is mainly centred around the Glockenbachviertel, an area of the city south of the Altstadt with most of the venues to be found on Müllerstrasse (Ochsengarten, SUB, Bau, Rendezvous, Moro), Pestalozzistrasse (Edel Heiss, Teddy Bar), Thalkirchnerstrasse (Kraftact, Cafe Rubin, Popas), Hans-Sachs Strasse (Selig, Glock und Bach, Iwans Bar), Theklestrasse (Prosecco, Die Carmen's) , Klenzestrasse (Moritz, Johmann’s), Reichenbachstrasse (Deutsche Eich), Holzstrasse (Spike), Reisingerstrasse (Camp), Blumenstrasse (Bar Jeans) and the Palm Strasse (Cafe Gluck).

Here is a map of the GBV with all venues marked.

For queer people new to Munich

and for those who just want to speak English, there is also a thriving monthly event called "Queer Beer Munich". This is a meetup from 7pm (summer) or 8pm (winter) on the first Friday of every month. It has been running for several years and is part of the network of queer beer events taking place in other cities such as Berlin and Hamburg. It can be a great way for gay people new to Munich to make friends. There is a group on Facebook but the best way to find out about it and the other queer beer events and to sign up for the mailing list is by visiting their website:


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