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Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech, as an absolute right, does not exist on the Toytown Germany website. This is a private site and privately enforced rights are applied.

Although freedom of speech is a basic human right, and one which is supported by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, this right only applies to public communication platforms. Toytown Germany is not a public platform. Instead it is a wholly privately owned, run, and financed platform. As such the Toytown Germany administration have the right to impose whatever restrictions they see fit.

All members of the public are invited to register an account for free, and to post messages to the TT chat forum. Members are not permitted, however, to post anything they choose. The website has been built with a specific set of purposes in mind, the primary purpose being to provide a helpful and friendly communication platform for all English speakers living in Germany. In order to ensure that the chat forum fulfils this purpose it is necessary to impose some restrictions on the type of content which may be posted. The restrictions include the posting of pornography, extreme violence, hatred, personal attacks on other members, and any other anti-social commentary or material which is harmful and offensive to the community as a whole. See more: forum usage guidelines. Apart from these restrictions, the moderation team take a liberal approach. A broad range of opinions is not only allowed, but encouraged. Swearing is discouraged, but tolerated provided it is not excessive. The moderation team see their job as to act in the best interests of the community as a whole, not to impose censorship based on their own personal opinions. Complaints against the moderation team should be followed up with them in private, not via public postings to the chat forum.

Misuse of the chat forum can result in the offending posts being deleted. Or in extreme cases the member account may have some or all of their posting privileges revoked, either temporarily or indefinitely. Statistics show that, on average, around 6% of all posts are removed on grounds of unsuitable content. Only a very small number of members have been banned completely - i.e. less than twenty in the last four years or more.

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