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Forum quote feature

The TT chat forum has a technical feature called the "quote button". Unfortunately this feature frequently goes unused, misused, or overused - mostly due to ignorance. This is a shame because the quote feature can substantially increase readibility of the discussion topics when it is used correctly. So, by way of an attempt to educate users, here are some handy tips:

  • Sometimes users will attempt to quote without using the quote feature. They will try to quote by copy-and-pasting the quote text, then placing the copied text in their own post - sometimes within quotation marks, sometimes italicised. Don't do this! Use the standard forum quote box instead!
  • The forum quote feature makes it easier to distinguish between quoted text and new commentary - thus following the flow of conversation becomes easier.
  • The quote feature comes with a handy little function called the snapback button - this is a tiny red button next to the quoted text which when clicked it takes the reader back to the original post, thus helping discussion navigation even further.

More about the quote feature here: Top tips for cross topic quoting

More tips which need to be added:
  • guide against redundant quoting - i.e. quoting of a post which appears immediately prior to the post containing the quote. These are removed by the automatic redundant-quote-removal-bot as part of the hourly forum cleanup script anyway.

  • Excessive quoting is evil. More than three quote boxes to a post and you're probably doing something wrong.

  • Line by line quote-and-reply analysis of another post is a geek's disease. So don't do it! It makes for abhorrently difficult reading by those who don't spend every waking minute with their head inside the internet.

  • Underquoting is bad, mmmkay. Underquoting is the placing of the quoted text below the reply. Note that the quoted text should always come first and the reply second.

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