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Toytown Flounce
Flounce is a term used on Internet chat forums to describe a type of post. Typically a flounce is where a user feels that they have had enough of the forum and, rather than simply leaving quietly, decide to post a long public message detailing their reasons, usually in a new thread so as to get the maximum number of replies.

The flounce post could contain insults directed at fellow members of the forum or at its administrators, and the users' grievances with them. They can range from the calm and reasoned to the emotional and hysterical, garnering comment and concern respectively. After flouncing, the user, rather than staying away, is usually back within a few days to a few weeks, often expecting that the mood regarding them will be exactly the same as it was when they left - which of course it never is.

In some cases, the flouncer spams the forum or - if in a position to do so - closes it entirely or disables a certain feature of it. The word flounce is intended to evoke the image of a child having a tantrum and flapping its arms about while screaming for attention.

To quote a member's humorous description:

"It was late March, and season of flounces had barely just begun. A distinct aroma of flouncitude had descended on the good people of Toytown, who were as-yet unaware that a single post, a mere whisper, would change their beloved website forever. It began on an ordinary M/T/W/T/F. Following a morning of jovial banter – headed by well-known, and well-liked, TT member John Doe – chaos struck the site, inciting a storm, nay, a tornado, only to be quelled by a series of flounces that would shake the community to its very core ..." (Erdbeere07)

Classic flounce artists

  • Liebe Deutschland - "How the H do I get off this stupid merry-go-round" - 8.Feb.2018
  • SpiderPig - "you will need to find someone else to neg now" - 16.Mar.2012
  • MancFurter - "I will never visit this forum again, all the best you miserable c**ts." - 23.Feb.2010
  • Sin - "moderator thinks the work that I do is menial" - 20.Jan.2009
  • langlang - "TT is a joke, arbitrary and subjective, I bet it doesn't exist a year from now" - 15.Jul.2008
  • odel2008 - "BadDoggie and I couldn't get along" - 6.Apr.2008
  • DDBug - "DDBug is leaving the building, and we all know why" - 19.Mar.2008
  • Jeremy - "I am not flouncing off in a vain huff or anything" - 12.Jul.2007
  • Jooli - "immature, insular people who've spent too long in dark, clammy Irish pubs" - 28.Jun.2007
  • warsteiner - "TT has remarks of an unnecesarrily condescending nature" - 9.May.2007
  • Thistle - "It makes me sick with rage to read your comments" - 29.Jan.2007
  • Grinner - "its not goodbye cruel world... but hello new life" - 9.Nov.2006
  • roots - "throw a stone at my coffin... and make sure you strike it hard" - 16.Jan.2006
  • ami58 - "TT is a bunch of self-absorbed, whining, pseudo-intellectual jackasses" - 9.Dec.2005
  • fototaker - "ModEraTor caLLed me siLLy for haVing ranDom capitals in the words i tYpe" - 27.Oct.2004
See the TT chat forum for some flounce parodies.

See also the discussion about flouncing and how to define it.

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