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First snow in Munich

First snow falls in Munich usually arrive at the end of November or early December.
  • 27.Oct.1997 - end of October was unusually cold, first snow fell morning of 27th
  • 01.Nov.1998 - 30 mins of snow, during third week of the month it snowed for six days
  • 22.Nov.1999 - very heavy snow to a depth of 30cm
  • 28.Dec.2000 - light snow at the end of December, exact date unknown
  • 15.Nov.2001 - light snow fall mid-November, exact date unknown
  • 24.Sep.2002 - snow during Oktoberfest. Feature by Wetter Online
  • 15.Dec.2003 -
  • 07.Nov.2004 - light snow fall, then more proper snow Dec. 18th
  • 17.Nov.2005 - first snows arrived at 1pm, and didn't melt until April. Very cold and snowy winter.
  • 01.Nov.2006 - light overnight dusting, more proper snows arrived early morning Dec. 18th
  • 19.Oct.2007 - quite heavy snow in the evening, but wet and didn't settle, same on the next morning
  • 21.Nov.2008 - big fall forecast, but only a little fell in Munich itself
  • 13.Oct.2009 - light showers on 13/14/15.Oct, heavier with settling on 17.Dec
  • 22.Nov.2010 - sleet fell, more snow the next day, no settling
  • 05.Dec.2011 - driest November in 100 years, hail, sleet, and snow fell in morning in Schwabing
  • 27.Oct.2012 - Flurries around noon, no settling, often turning into rain
  • 15.Nov.2013 - Sleet fell on October 11, but the first proper settling was November 15
  • 26.Dec.2014 - overnight snowfall with ~2cm settled by Boxing Day morning

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