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Expats in Dresden

There are ca. 1,250 English-speaking Expats in Dresden. This is relatively few when compared to other cities in Germany.

Note that this figure is an estimate only. The exact number is not known. The total population of Dresden is known to be 490,000. And the total number of Expats in Saxony, the state of which Dresden is the capital, is known to be 2,534. By making a generous estimate that half of these live in Dresden, we come up with the estimated total of ca. 1,250.

Breaking this down further according to the distribution throughout the entire state:
  • Americans - ca. 600
  • British - ca. 400
  • Canadian, Irish, Australian - ca. 50 each, total ca. 150
  • South African - ca. 30
  • New Zealander - ca. 15

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