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European Patent Office

The European Patent Office, known as the EPO for short, has its headquarters in Munich. One of the buildings is in the Glockenbachviertel overlooking the Isar. Others are on Bayerstraße and Landsbergerstraße.

International offices are in Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany), and Rijswijk (The Netherlands).

Lots of English-speakers work at the EPO. Most job openings require that the employee speak the three official languages: English, French, and German.

EPO employees are known for their cushy lifestyle. They get a generous holiday allowance (30 days like any other German company), pay no tax (there is taxation, just not the German income tax), and enjoy other benefits too. So if you're ever out on the lash with an EPO employee, make sure it's them who gets the extra round of beers in.

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