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English language television

There are 7 ways to get English TV. It should be noted some of these are grey market, if you’re not comfortable with that. Also it is impossible to get British programming in Germany without going to the grey market. Also do not Torrent in Germany or you will get a hefty legal bill.

1. Terrestrial channels - buy a receiver from Amazon and plug it into the wall and you’ll get CNN and a bunch of German channels

German Sky and equivalents offer OV on some channels. It will be mostly current US shows and movies. Almost no British programming.

Filmon: UK streaming service that works here. No VPN required.

2. Sat Dish

There are two options here.

Find a Sat dish installer who knows how to access the UK channels - this will be BBC ITV and Channel 4 and 5. (note this is above board)Sky UK: there are many companies (just google Sky UK) that will set you with a UK Sky box and subscription service. It’s the most expensive to get English TV as you have to buy the box and pay for the subscription as well as a fee to have a UK address. Note: this is a grey market option as you’re not supposed to use it outside of the UK or Ireland.

3. German based Streaming services

Amazon.de Netflix.de

Can be accessed via your PC iPad smart phone and Smart TV. Not all of the content on Amazon is English but the main shows are. Almost no British programming

Note: all the options below are grey market and can be considered by some to be illegal.

4. www.istreamitall.com best streaming site out there, no VPN required.

5. UK Streaming Services

Requires a VPN or Smart DNS and for the most part works without an issue. Loads of recommendations for VPNs in the forum.

6. US Streaming Services

Hulu - again requires a VPN or Smart DNS plus a US credit card.www.usunlocked.com is a good option. Note the US version of Netflix can be difficult to access.

7. Kodi Boxes

If you’re technically inclined you can get a Kodi box or Raspberry Pi and stream for free to your heart’s content.


This is the best option if you want Sky TV but can’t put up a dish. The box costs around 200€ plus a monthly fee. This is one I know of, there are others. If you know of a good one please update this or else ask in the forum

SE Android Systems

The system takes a bit to figure out but it’s true stunning HD quality so it's well worth the bit of effort it takes. Also offers a video club via Kodi (I believe)


Note: edited to reflect some of this options are grey market.
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