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English bookstores in Munich

English bookstores are shops that sell English-language books. The number of such book stores in Munich is gradually increasing all the time. Here is an overview of what's available:

The Munich Readery - Opened February 2006 in Maxvorstadt. Nearly 40,000 second-hand books in English in dozens of categories. Buy or Trade. Open six days a week. The largest English-language secondhand-book store in Germany.

Hugendubel - There are several branches of Hugendubel around the city: at Marienplatz, Karlsplatz, OEZ, and PEP Shopping Center. They carry a fairly large selection of English-language books, and in some branches, also DVDs.

In 2004, Hugendubel opened an English-language bookshop (i.e. the whole shop stocks only English titles) in Salvatorstraße (opposite the Literaturhaus). Selection is quite decent, and prices are ok. Compared with Amazon Germany, Hugendubel is slightly cheaper about half of the time. Read some more comments about this store here: Hugendubel English-language bookshop

Internationale Presse - Hauptbahnhof - Fairly large selection of books, newspapers and magazines in English and many other languages. The shop is located at Hauptbahnhof near the main platforms.

Buch & Presse - Ostbahnhof - Small selection of English-language books. The shop is located in Ostbahnhof in the tunnel at the eastern end of the platforms. There is also a shop opposite that sells magazines and newspapers in English.

Words'Worth - Their main store is at Schellingstraße 21a. Or, more to the point, well-hidden and tucked away in a courtyard just off Schellingstraße, Maxvorstadt. Their second shop, Words'Worth Academic, is at Schellingstraße 3. More information about what they stock where can be found on their website: www.wordsworth.de

Used Book Shop - this store opened in Laim for a couple of months at the end of 2007, but then closed again. See the announcements: Used Book Shop in Laim, reopening then reclosing. It was located at Landsberger Straße 191.

English language comics - I have found two comic book stores in Munich which sell English comic books. One is Jurgen's right off Karlsplatz, I think there may be English sci-fi books there as well. The other is The Comic Company at Fraunhoferstraße 23. Take the U2 to the Frauenhoferstraße station then take the exit called Klenzestraße. The guy at Jurgen's can be a total dick. The comic company people are pretty nice though.

Barefoot Books - Award winning childrens' books are available in Munich through book fairs and fund raisers in schools, kindergartens and community organizations. You can also host a book party and receive free books! Have a look at the website and email any questions to: info@barefootbooksgermany.de

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