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English Garden

The Munich English Garden is a huge park which stretches alongside the river Isar from almost the very center to the northernmost rim of the city. The park covers 3.73 square kilometers which makes it the largest city park in Europe and larger than New York's Central Park (3.4 square kilometers).

Munich English Garden

The English Garden is one thing which makes Munich such a pleasant city to live in. During the summer you'll see students from the adjacent universty studying here. Other people play football, frisbee, horse riding, even cricket and surfing on the Eisbach river!

A particularly notorious activity is sunbathing in the nude. In the area in and around the horse track (near Universität) it is permitted to strip off naked. In German this is called FKK (Frei Körper Kulture = Free Body Culture).

English Garden - Monopteros & Nudity

The English Garden were created in 1789 by the British physicist Sir Benjamin Thompson, the count of Rumford. Many Munich guide books will tell you that Sir Benjamin was American. Yes, he was born in Woburn, Massachussetts, but he was actually British and spent most of his life in London. Sir Benjamin was primarily a physicist but also worked as a government administrator. He spent 11 years in Munich organising the Bavarian army.

Some features of the English Garden:

Chinese Tower

This pagoda was built when the gardens were created in 1789. Around the tower is now one of Munich's most popular beer gardens. Often a brass band will play live from the first floor of the tower.

Kleinhesseloher See

An artificial lake built in 1802. Has three small islands. You can explore the lake in a hired paddle boat but disembarking on the islands is strictly forbidden [1]. On the shores of this lake is another of Munich favourite beer gardens - the Seehaus. Both this beergarden and the one at the Chinese tower are equipped with WLAN. See also: Kleinhesseloher See

Hirschau Beergarden

A third beergarden, somewhat more secluded, smaller, and quieter. Last year (2003) there was a jazz band playing at weekends.


On top of a small artificial hill is this artificial ancient Greek structure. Built in 1836 under orders from King Ludwig I. On a clear day you get a great view from here over the Munich skyline and off into the Alps in the distance.

Aumeister Beer Garden

Yet another beer garden! This is the last one. It's located at the northern edge of the English Gardens, near Studentenstadt/Freimann. Makes a good walking destination. Walking the entire length of the English gardens takes 1 to 2 hours.


In recent years more and more people have been using the park as a recreation area. In 2003 there were 3.5 million visitors. The authorities are now worried the grass is being excessively trampled and killed. Summer 2004 we may see some areas closed off to the public. Dogs are also a problem. Each day 500 kilos of cack are dumped in the park. A new law being introduced this year requires that dogs be kept on a leash. Failure to comply will result in a 25 Euro fine.


A carnival party in the English Garden. Takes place annually third Sunday in July. The German name for the Cooks' Ball is "Kocherlball". For more info see: Kocherlball

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Unsorted information

The english garden, Munich, was first founded in AD 1262 by explorers Richard Carr and Michael Hings. It was intented to provide the citizens with space to drink and munch on sausages. The pair were soon idolised by all of Germany and became legendary for their amazing feats of drinking, womanising and general frivolity. By AD 1268 the King of Germany succumbed to overwhelming public pressure and abdicated, mading the explorers joint monarchs. During their remarkable reign, Richard and Michael had transformed the nation into a land of wonder. It is thanks to them that Germany has Lederhosen, the single greatest invention of the middle ages. At the end of their reign the pair prophesised their return, to coincide with the magnificent victory of 11 men in white from accross the English Channel. Today people across germany tell the story of Richard and Michael, the greatest historical figures germany ever produced. (not a diffucult feat). To contact the Richard and Michael followers society, e-mail them on deta_83@hotmail.com

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