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The River Danube (Donau in German) is the second-longest river in Europe. It rises in Germany in the Black Forest and empties into the Black Sea 2850 km (1771 miles) later.

The town of Donaueschingen in Baden-Württemberg claims that the source of the Donau is the 'Donauquelle' (Danube Spring) in the grounds of the town's palace. The trickle emanating from this spring travels a few hundreds yards before joining a large stream, which in turn flows into the Breg, a small river that rises in the Black Forest. Geographically and geologically, the Breg is the true source of the Donau, but if you want to have your photograph taken next to the source of the River Danube, you need to go to Donaueschingen.

The Donau heads roughly eastwards through Germany, passing through the towns of Ulm, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Deggendorf and Passau, before heading into Austria.

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