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Cinemas in Hamburg

Since the Grindel stopped showing English-language movies on a regular basis in October 2006, finding non-dubbed screenings of current blockbusters became a bit more difficult. However the following theatres still sometimes have original versions in their programme:

  • Abaton, Allendeplatz 3
  • Grindel, Grindelberg 7a
  • Studio, Bernstorffstraße 93-95
  • Zeise, Friedensallee 7-9

For Blockbuster movies
  • Hamburg Streits Film Theater, Jungfernstieg

Rare screenings, usually in a blockbuster's first one or two weeks:
  • Cinemaxx Dammtor, Dammtor station
  • UCI Mundsburg, Hamburger Straße 1-15

Apart from these, the following show various original versions, too:
  • 3001, Schanzenstraße 75-77
  • Metropolis, Dammtorstraße 30a

A complete listing of original versions can be found in the Kino-Fahrplan Hamburg.

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